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AgPower Group:
The Other Local Utility

Biomass to renewable
electric power

Revenue source for host

No dairy capital required

Reduction of
environmental issues

Reduction of manure
handling costs, odor & insects

At AgPower Group, a leader in biomass renewable-energy generation, we use proven, practical technologies as well as our own financial resources to build, own and operate anaerobic solid-waste digesters. These digesters capture methane from dairy farm waste and convert it into electricity and biogas. Our system provides improved manure handling and decreased solids in the effluent entering settling lagoons — reducing odor and pest management issues. Additionally, the host farm can benefit from revenue opportunities through the sale of electricity or bio-methane, greenhouse gas emission credits, renewable energy certificates (RECs) and agricultural products.

AgPower Group's business model takes the financial burden off farmers and ranchers, allowing the host farm to enjoy all the benefits of manure digestion and renewable power generation with none of the capital or operational risks. We are backed by the global resources of our lead partner, Camco International Group, and we are a proud member of the American Biogas Council.

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